Transparency leads to better outcomes

Why we’re here

Have you ever lost out on the home of your dreams and wondered if the outcome would have been different if only you knew what you were up against? Alternatively, have you ever sold a home and questioned if you really got the best price?

Judd Hoffman, Danko Fatovic and Tim Quirk, who had previously teamed up to build, and later sell, Erecruit, a leading enterprise software platform used by the largest staffing and recruiting companies globally, set out to find the answers to these residential real estate questions. Approaching the problem much in the same way as they had at Erecruit, the trio approached Kevin Caulfield, one of the top real estate agents in the Boston area, to round out the team.

Together, leveraging their talents in building platforms for scale, combined with a deep knowledge of residential real estate, the four founded Final Offer as a new way for top real estate agents to provide a more transparent listing and offer experience to their clients.

Final Offer was born out of the notion that selling or buying a home should be a transparent and less stressful process. Homeowners want confidence that their agent is able to sell their home at the highest possible value, and on their terms. When buying your next home, you should have the knowledge of exactly where you stand and what it will take to make an offer that is accepted. That’s what Final Offer is all about – providing complete transparency and integrity in the home selling and buying process to maximize the outcome for sellers, buyers and their agents.

With financial investment from more than 25 families from Final Offer’s hometown of Hingham, as well as leading real estate brokers around greater Boston and Washington, D.C., Final Offer is poised to transform the way we all buy and sell homes moving forward.

The team

Final Offer was founded by a team of real estate and technology leaders looking to address the lack of transparency and certainty in buying and selling homes.

  • Tim Quirk


    As Co-CEO, Tim is executing the go-to-market strategy that will transform the real estate market as we know it today. Tim is an entrepreneurial leader with a successful track record scaling angel, venture-backed and public companies from start to exit. Prior to co-founding Final Offer, Tim joined the founding team of Erecruit, an enterprise staffing software company, where he helped grow the company from start-up through a successful acquisition in 2019. Tim is a graduate of Babson College and resides with his family on Cape Cod.

  • Kevin Caulfield


    Kevin is the #1 broker at Compass Boston and #2 in the City of Boston by 2020 sales volume. Kevin previously founded Charlesgate Realty Group and then went on to serve as Vice President at Coldwell Banker and Vice President at Campion and Company before joining Compass in 2016. Consistently ranked as the Wall Street Journal’s “The Thousand” and Boston Magazine's "Top Producers”, Kevin brings his real estate prowess to Final Offer. Kevin played professional hockey at the start of his career. Kevin is a graduate of Boston College and resides with his family in Hingham, MA.

  • Judd Hoffman

    Chief Investment Officer

    Before co-founding Final Offer, Judd was the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Erecruit, a leading enterprise software company providing an end-to-end platform to the largest staffing and recruiting companies in the world, all the way through its acquisition in 2019. Earlier in his career, Judd led his recruiting firm Hoffman Recruiters through acquisition. He also won a patent (and since sold it) on a device designed to use GPS and cellular/satellite signals used primarily to locate people in trouble. Judd is a graduate of Harvard University and resides with his family in Hingham, MA.

  • Danko Fatovic

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Before co-founding Final Offer, Danko was the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Erecruit. Having worked with Judd for more than 20 years, first running large-scale financial software implementations for the Fortune 500, then building out the recruiting software platform at Hoffman Recruiters that later became the foundation for Erecruit, Danko once again leads technology and innovation, this time at Final Offer. In his early career, Danko was a researcher at MIT’s AI Lab. Danko is a graduate of MIT and resides with his family in Zagreb, Croatia.