The offer process is far from perfect

You know it. We know it. Your clients know it. It’s time for a better way…

Turn the lights on

Face it, the lack of transparency in the offer and negotiation process causes anxiety, tension and wasted time in every transaction. Your clients don’t know if they got the best deal or if they were even in the deal. You’re left to explain what happened yet you’re also in the dark. We’re on a mission to help you bring complete transparency and certainty to the offer and negotiation process so that you and your clients have control over the outcome, whether selling or buying their next home.

  • Maximize your seller’s outcome

    Set the pricing and terms your client cares about most, giving buyers the insight to always make the highest offer.

  • Home tour on your time

    Home tours scheduled and self-selected, instant feedback, Q&A and more.

  • Get your time back

    Don’t waste your Sundays writing up offers that you know won’t be accepted. Don’t waste your Mondays managing “best and final”. Now it’s all transparent and automated.

  • Always have the last look

    Always have the opportunity to make the winning offer.

How it works

  • Create

    Create listing with your client's acceptable pricing and terms.

  • Publish

    Prospective buyers are alerted and can make offers at any time.

  • Show

    Set tour schedules, answer questions and receive feedback.

  • Sell

    Buyers are alerted of new offers and can make a higher offer.

A Concierge is always at your service

Have questions? Our local concierges are here to help you at every step of the way. Fill out the contact us form, email, or call (617) 404-3816

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