Buyer’s Demand Meets Seller’s Strength

Jul 21, 2023 • FINAL OFFER

In an ever-changing real estate market, efficiency and transparency remain top of mind for all.

It’s been a turbulent couple of years for home buyers. For many, the process to buy a home has been emotionally exhausting, with buyers across the United States experiencing the frustration of losing out on multiple homes. All the while, seller’s have enjoyed a period of sustained power, with buyers removing all contingencies and bending over backwards to meet their demands.

This dynamic, which has been a constant for American home buyers for years, has finally begun to give way. A recent article in the Boston Globe highlights the resilient real estate market in the Greater Boston area, while other saturated markets are seeing a decrease as more houses become available and prices ease. 

“The days when sellers could count on multiple offers above asking price may soon be over,” writes reporter Larry Edelman. He goes on to note that, according to the experts, the Boston market can only resist a slow down for so long. 

So, what does all this mean for sellers and their agents who are listing homes in today’s market? They’re going to need to work harder to sell their home. With the housing market evolving at a rapid pace, the Final Offer platform gives sellers and their agents a new way to sell a home in a more fair and transparent way that buyers love. 

Here is how it works: When a home is added to the Final Offer platform, it is published with a List Price and the Final Offer price. Having the option to list two prices – one as a floor for bidding, and another as the ceiling – enables the seller to maximize the price of their home. When a pre-approved buyer makes an offer that meets or exceeds the List Price, it automatically starts the clock on the Offer Window. If a higher offer is made within fifteen minutes of the Offer Window end time, the clock resets to fifteen minutes. This gives all buyers the ability to have the last look to make the winning offer and gives sellers the opportunity to get the best outcome on their price and terms. 

In this changing real estate market, where inventory is increasing at the fastest rate in years, Final Offer gives sellers a way to differentiate their homes, while providing buyers the confidence to make an offer they know will be accepted.

Use the platform you can trust – where certainty rules and transparency wins. Talk to your agent about listing your home on Final Offer today.