Protect Your Clients, Preserve Your Commission, and Boost Your Brokerage

Oct 3, 2023 • FINAL OFFER

In the ever-evolving world of proptech, Offer Management platforms, Auction Sites, and Marketing Solutions are on the scene vying for your attention. But before you jump on board, it's crucial to decipher the features, pricing structures, and consumer advantages each company offers. Your clients, your commission, and your brokerage are at stake. So, let's break it down and shed light on why Final Offer is standing far above the rest and becoming the platform trusted by Agents, Consumers, and Brokerages alike.

1. Agent Representation:  Final Offer puts agents at the forefront, while protecting consumers’ interests. It requires agent representation on both sides of the transaction, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for consumers. In fact, unlike most platforms, if a buyer lacks an agent and requests a tour through Final Offer, that lead circles right back to the listing agent.

2. Consumer-Facing Transparency:  Final Offer is the only all-in-one consumer-facing Offer Management and Negotiation platform driven by agents. In a world where consumers are demanding transparency in the real estate process, Final Offer empowers agents to deliver it. It's a game changer that helps sellers maximize their profits, provides clarity to buyers and empowers agents to most efficiently grow their business, making it the long-term solution that all will adopt.

3. Subscription Model:  While some platforms are eating into agent commission structures, Final Offer operates on a subscription-based model. Your hard earned commissions remain intact, unlike other auction-only companies that cut into agents' earnings and/or charge a buyer premium (Final Offer never charges a consumer).

4. Real-Time Offer Alerts:  Final Offer goes above and beyond with real-time alerts whenever an offer is made. This feature doesn't just keep you in the loop; it increases engagement with your clients and drives urgency for a property, helping your seller get true market value by giving every buyer a chance.

5. Comprehensive Strategy:  Final Offer blends optional auction-like features with true agent-driven strategies. It empowers agents to determine the best approach, leveraging the nimble platform to adapt to every unique situation.

6. Emphasis on Terms:  Final Offer recognizes that a real estate transaction isn't just about the dollar amount. It enables the listing agent to consider and place values on terms, empowering agents to tailor each deal to the seller's unique needs, offering a true apples-to-apples comparison across all offers.

7. Market Domination Strategy: Final Offer isn't just a tool; it's a strategy to conquer your market. By championing a consumer-facing platform that maximizes transparency, you differentiate from your competitors.

8. Agent Focus:  Unlike platforms that primarily target sellers, Final Offer's clients are brokerages and their agents. It's all about your success and business growth.

9. Lead Generation:  Final Offer passes consumer leads that come directly to the platform in search of a Final Offer Certified Agent to Premium Subscribers.

10. In-House Tech Prowess:  With an all-in-house tech team, Final Offer adapts swiftly based on agent feedback. Agility is its superpower, ensuring the platform continuously evolves to meet Agent and Consumer needs.

11. Agent Investors:  Final Offer boasts 70 agent investors (and counting), an overwhelming vote of confidence from the true industry professionals themselves.


In a world of real estate tech options, Final Offer isn't just a standout; it's the game changer. As you weigh your choices for Offer Management platforms, Auction Sites, and Marketing Solutions, don't be confused—be informed. Be sure to protect your clients, safeguard your commission, and elevate your team and brokerage to new heights.

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