How it works

  1. All homes listed on the Final Offer platform must be listed with a licensed real estate agent or broker.
  2. Sellers and their agent execute the Final Offer Seller Agreement, committing upfront to sell the home to a buyer that makes an offer that meets or exceeds their listed pricing and terms.
  3. Listings include a List Price and an optional Final Offer Price.
  4. Listings include the seller’s terms that buyers are required to accept to make an offer.
  5. The seller’s agent sets the Offer Window, with a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 30 days.
  6. The Offer Window doesn't begin counting down until a buyer makes an offer that meets or exceeds the List Price and accepts the seller’s terms.
  7. All buyers have their Buying Power verified by an independent third party. Once approved, their buying power is valid for 90 days to make offers up to their max.
  8. Buyers, and their agent, if applicable, execute the Final Offer Buyer Agreement, committing upfront to purchase the home if they make the Winning Offer.
  9. All offers are visible online and users can save homes to receive offer notifications in real time.
  10. Once the Offer Window clock starts counting down, the Offer Terms cannot be changed. The seller’s agent can add, remove, or increase the Final Offer Price or change the Final Offer Terms up to 24 hours prior to the Offer Window ending.
  11. Once the Offer Window clock starts counting down, the Total Offer Value of subsequent offers must be at least 0.5% higher than the last.
  12. The Total Offer Value includes the Offer Price and Value of Accepted Terms.
  13. The Offer Price is the actual amount of money you're paying for the home if your offer wins.
  14. The Value of Accepted Terms is used to compare offers on a level playing field based on what terms the Seller cares about most.
  15. The Total Offer Value is calculated by adding or subtracting the value of a buyer’s accepted terms with the Offer Price.
  16. The Offer Window is always scheduled to end at 5pm local time.
  17. Whenever a higher offer is made within 15 minutes of the Offer Window end time, the clock will be reset to 15 minutes.
  18. If a buyer makes the Final Offer, the buyer has made the Winning Offer instantly, and the Offer Window will end immediately.
  19. Conditional Offers allow buyers to suggest a change to the seller’s pricing or terms prior to the Offer Window opening. Once the Offer Window clock begins counting down, the Offer Terms are set and cannot be changed.
  20. Conditional Final Offers allow buyers to suggest an increase to the seller’s Final Offer Price or a change to the Terms, up until the Offer Window expires.
  21. The Winning Offer is defined as either a buyer that has made the Final Offer prior to the Offer Window expiring, or a buyer that has the highest Total Offer Value at the expiration of the Offer Window.
  22. The Winning Offer Agreement is generated and accepted automatically by the seller and buyer, based on the price and terms of the Winning Offer.
  23. Buyer is required to initiate payment for the Winning Offer Deposit within 24 hours of the Winning Offer Agreement being accepted.

Effective Date: June 23, 2022